Leinbach Company

With a huge line of attachments, Leinbach has become a common name in the attachment industry. Leinbach has been manufacturing since 1942, they produce everything from scrape blades to pulverizers, and augers to land levelers. Leinbach is best known for manufacturing their L7200 & L7200 JR augers which has long been one of the best values on the market. Leinbach is centralized in East Bend, NC where farming is a central part of life so they fit right in. Leinbach Attachments are available in any part of the country thanks to Everything Attachments, the internet's number one attachment dealer.

Leinbach is a Responsible Company

Leinbach Attachments don't start working until installed, an idea that they understand very well. They work hard to make sure their welds, bearings, and overall quality of the attachments guarantee the ease of installation, durability of equipment, and satisfaction of the customer.

While the attachment market has changed over the last several years, there are some things that Leinbach refuse to change, quality and customer satisfaction. Leinbach has built a name for themselves by providing quality during the times when most companies decided to ship their jobs over seas, or across the border. Leinbach has stood their ground in NC, helping out the community in East Bend NC, for over 65 years.



Leinbach Attachments

Leinbach is a very diverse company, meaning that they make a wide variety of attachments, they make:

With such a wide variety of attachments, it is easy to see why they are one of the number one attachment manufacturers around.